Data Types In python

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Data types in Python

 Data Types in Python - Python Data Types - Intellipaat

Hello friends, welcome to Tech Prog…...Today Iam going to discuss on Data Types In Python.Here we going to learn what is Data Type,types on Data Type and why we should use them.


Let’s start Data Type :-



Exploring Data Types of python | MoboLogic+

Data type is tell the computer memory which type of value is this because these values are in future stored in the memory.


There are various data types in Python. Some of the important types are listed below.


 Basic Data Types — Python for designers

Numerical values is called Number Data Type.


A = 20



Integers can be of any length, it is only limited by the memory available.




List is an ordered sequence of items. Lists. Items separated by commas and are enclosed within brackets [ ].


a = [1, 2.2345, 'Tech Prog']



Lists are mutable, meaning, ttheir values can be changed and updatable.


a = [1, 2, 3]

a[2] = 4





[1, 2, 4]



 Python Tricks, Inheriting from Built-in data types - Towards Data ...

Tuple is an ordered sequence of items same as a list. The only difference is that tuples are immutable. Tuples cannot be modified.


It is defined within parentheses () where items are separated by commas.


x = (5,'where am I', 23.45)




 Python For Beginners: Part-2 Variables and Data Types in Python ...

String is sequence of multiple characters. We can use single quotes or double quotes for these strings.


x = "My home in new city"






Set is an unordered collection of unique items. Set is defined by values separated by comma inside braces { }. Items in a set are not dublicate.


A = {1,4,3,9,5}



 Basic Built-in Data Types in Python for Data Science | Data ...

Dictionary is an unordered collection and have the key-value pairs.It is generally used when we have a huge amount of data.


In Python, dictionaries are defined within braces {} .


dict = {‘one’:'hello','two':’world’}




 Introduction to Python Data Types | ActiveState

In this tutorial, I will explain all the concepts of the data types and Iam really enjoying to present and show data types ……..

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