Why history is important for computer science engineering?


In the past many years or so, computers have migrated from big-size megaboxes to desktops to laptops to our pockets or you can say that the main reason to know the history of computer science is how programming languages developed and how computers develop from a room size to a laptop.

But some people think history is not important ,when iam student also thought😀😀 ,history will help you to understand your field.

Well, history of computer science is exciting, don’t always manifest into real change right away. Change is slow, and always will be. 

For example, touch screen technology is not new. However, many didn’t use touch screens until recently. If you don’t know much about computer science history, then you would think touch screen technology is new. However, we know this is not the case. Computer science and its developments take time to show up in the consumer world. Which, conveniently, leads us to our next lesson in computer science history.


computer science changes the working world for the consumer. What does this mean, and why is it important? Many technologies develop in private sectors for specific uses. 

For example internet, works connect scientists together for long distance research. At least, that was its first intention. Now, we see the internet used for shopping and a lot of other things. Change comes to the consumer once industry dictates its utility. Computer science history on the private sector. All the while, consumers use the internet daily. So, we know change is slow, and impacts industry before consumers

 The history of computer began centuries ago. Before the idea of computer science discipline begins, the roots developed. Developments that took place in the discipline over the years are what we know as computer science. From mechanical inventions to mathematical theories, this progress toward machines and concepts of the computer ensure the development of the significant academic field.

Charles Babbage proposed the idea of mechanically computing tables and numbers. Babbage is the pioneer of computing. He turned his idea into reality and designed a calculator. This calculator used to compute numbers around eight decimal points. After the success of this idea, Babbage took a step ahead and designed a machine that could compute more numbers and it computed around 20 decimal places. In the 1830s, Babbage had planned to create a machine that could perform arithmetical operations using punched cards.
This machine used to store these numbers in different memory units.

Sequential control ran the machines at this point. In this system, one function plays out before others. And, the machine had to produce an answer and it did not fail. This machine is an analytical engine. Take note that this machine was the first representation of modern computers.

Computer science history points to a few key themes.

Computer science is important to our evolution as a technological race of beings. Secondly, humans use technology more today than ever before. Sure, old technologies like the wheel have been around forever. Still, computers, phones, and television integrate into our lives like no technology we’ve ever seen.


Lastly, computer science helps to develop other key industries and fields. If you work in computer science, then you don’t just work in a single field. Computer science history is far from over. The field continues to develop and innovate our lives.


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